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We specialise in mouse removal

Rodents can cause extensive damage to your home and are a serious risk to your health. ASW Pest Control offers extermination with a 100% satisfaction. We can also provide external and internal proofing to prevent your rodent problem returning.


(Mus Domesticus)

As the name suggests, the house mouse lives predominantly indoors, rarely venturing outside. Their small size makes unknowingly transporting them in goods and materials very easy. An extremely adaptable rodent, the house mouse is believed to be one of the most numerous mammals on earth second only to humans.

Like rats, mice are capable of transmitting diseases such as Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis and Plague.

They can also cause sever damage to building structures and their contents through their continuous gnawing.


  • Very small in size, circa 70-90mm head and body length
  • Thin tail approximately 80% the length of the body
  • Variable in colour from grey/dark grey to almost black


  • Very inquisitive animals, sharing the living space of people
  • Avoid wet and damp environments preferring warm dry areas
  • Will graze numerous food sources in one feeding session

Life Cycle

  • Able to breed from 5-6 weeks old
  • Pregnant for around 19-20 days, able to conceive again within hours of litter being born
  • Litters vary from 5-8 young, weaned from 21-23 days old
  • Expected life span up to 12 months though can be longer

“Very professional and dealt with the problem efficiently and quickly. Very knowledgeable on his subject and gave lots of advice on how to solve the problem, not just deal with what was happening at the time. Would definitely use again.”

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