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Drainage Inspection

At ASW we have the knowledge, Investigation techniques and solutions to solve your rat infestation problems.

Our CCTV drain camera surveys are designed for one purpose only – identifying existing and potential rat entry routes!

Because we are not tied to any drain companies, we can help you avoid paying for repairs that you might be covered for under your buildings insurance or might have repaired for free via the local water authority.

Our investigations are looking only for faults in the drains that could result in rats being able to leave the sewer system and enter your property.

Once we have been able to fully look through all accessible areas of your sewer system, we can advise you on what steps need to be taken next

How do rats enter your home?

Rats will find their way out of defective drainage systems which are typically adjacent to your house foundations and cavity walls.

Drainage defects such as displaced joins, broken or fractured pipework & redundant junctions allow rats to leave the system and enter your home.

Defective drainage systems beneath extensions and conservatories can also allow rats entry into your property.

Once rats have access to your cavity wall they can move around the property easily and usually find their way under floors, cavity walls and up to the loft.

Our detailed drain inspection survey report will include a solution to solve your drain rat infestation problem.

Once you have this information you can approach contractors for like for like quotations, it is however vital that you get the correct survey information.

Solutions include valves to stop rats entering your drainage system.


We are an approved Ratflap installer

The permanent, simple solution to the worldwide problem of rats in sewers.

Frequently asked questions

Our Ambition is To “SOLVE” and avoid the traditional cycle of Bait – Stink – Flies – Repeat! Customers across Avon Somerset and Wiltshire are now enjoying the tranquillity of a rodent free home because we can check everything.

UNIQUE INSPECTIONS“. Drains, wall cavities, roof voids, cellars and rats in Kitchens are all considered in our unique inspection process. Everything we do is focused on solving your rat problem and not just treating it. Better still we do it all in house.

In the first instance ASW can carry out a rat treatment which will deal with the infestation and advice on any possible entry points if visible, if the rat infestation persists it is likely to be drain related and that’s where our Drainage side comes into its own.

You are dealing with the current infestation but because rats leave a pheromone trail others will always follow, the only permanent solution is to find the source of how they are entering your home via the drains and close the door once and for all.

We hear this all the time I’m afraid because the quality of drain inspection surveys with regard to rat activity is generally poor, simply surveying the main drains and reporting that they did not see any rats is not sufficient.

There are several no-dig solutions to resolve rat ingress within properties but sometimes the only solution is to excavate, a detailed drain inspection survey will give us all the information we need to be able to advice as to the best method of repair for your particular problem.

Recently we were informed by Wessex Water engineers that customers could get drain inspections carried out free of charge where the drains were easily accessible.

Wessex Water offers FREE drain surveys where you believe rats are entering your property from the drains.

Engineers are normally on site within seven days because rats are a potential fire risk so deserve to be investigated quickly. Wessex Water has a legal duty to check that drains (shared drains) under their jurisdiction are in good order and will repair any faults free of charge. Wessex water will also replace faulty or missing drain inspection chamber covers under their authority FREE.

Contact Wessex Water to find out how they could help you.

ASW installs Stainless Steel one way valves

This will not solve secondary issues such as the drainage system venting into your property via the defective drain and nor will they stop drain fly infestation via the same route.

We would always strongly recommend that the actual defect that allows rats to leave the drainage system and enter your property be located and fixed.

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