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Same day callouts available today!

October 26, 2021

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We specialise in Cockroach control & removal

There are a great many different species of cockroach throughout the world but only a small number are of concern and present any significant issues in the UK.

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As a group, cockroaches follow an incomplete metamorphosis. The female produces an egg case (ootheca) containing a variable number of eggs, these hatch into nymphs which closely resemble the adult insects.

All stages are omnivorous and require a supply of drinking water or food high in water content. The insects are active at night and cover large areas to scavenge for food.


German Cockroach Blattella Germanica


  • Adult cockroaches are small around 12-15mm long and are yellowish brown in colour with a pair of dark stripes behind the head.
  • They have long spiny legs and long antennae and visible wings although they rarely fly.
  • With large populations a strong sour smell is often found from their aggregation pheromones and droppings.


  • Control of cockroaches is important due to their habits of walking and feeding on rotting food materials and unsanitary water sources.
  • They can also spread numerous human diseases such as salmonella and E-coli. German cockroaches are generally easier to control than the oriental cockroach
  • Our technician will carry out a thorough survey and use a range of control measures such as gel based baits and residual insecticide sprays dependant on location of issue.

Life Cycle

  • Females carry an egg case (unlike the oriental cockroach) containing 28 nymphs for up to 4 weeks, this drops off just before the eggs are due to hatch.
  • Nymphs will then go through 5-7 moults before reaching maturity after 2-6 months.

Oriental Cockroach Blatta Orientalis


  • Adult oriental cockroaches are dark brown to black in colour and live around six months.
  • They have partial wings or wing buds and cannot fly.
  • These are often found in sewers, kitchens, hotels, laundries and other similar sites usually in urban areas.


  • These insects are difficult to eradicate and require a planned approach due to egg cases being resistant to treatment and long incubation times for eggs. Treatments can involve surveys with sticky monitors and night inspections If needed. Our technicians may use a variety of treatment options including baits and residual insecticides depending on the location of the issue

Life Cycle

  • Females lay 5 ootheca each at different intervals, with each one containing around 16 eggs. These are dropped by the female in areas of harbourage and take around 6-12 weeks to hatch depending on temperature. Once hatched the nymphs go through 7-10 moults across a period of up to 18 months to reach maturity.

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