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Same day callouts available today!

October 26, 2021

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Information: Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, birds can only be killed under licenses issued by Natural England. To kill a bird without a legitimate reason is an offence. Call us FREE on 0800 592011

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It is important to carry out bird control as pest birds, including Feral pigeons can become a serious problem when they decide to make your premises their home or roost.

Birds can transmit diseases to humans including salmonellosis and ornithosis but to mention a few, Birds also cause structural damage to buildings as their droppings are corrosive to masonry and paintwork as well as being a slip hazard on the floor below.

How am I affected?

Air conditioning units can become clogged with nesting materials, Gutters and downpipes can become blocked causing water damage.

Bird droppings and related debris can be hazardous and as such should only be cleared and cleaned by trained persons.

ASW Actions

Bird Control methods include:

  • Pigeon guano removal
  • Bird netting
  • Bird mesh
  • Spiking systems
  • Spring and wire systems
  • Discreet culling programmes
  • Trapping programmes.


We can help!

ASW offers FREE surveys to determine the extent of infestation and the most appropriate method of bird control. Contact our office 0800 592 011 for details of our pest control services.


(Columba Livia Var)

The feral pigeon is a widespread bird across the UK with flocks ranging from 50 to in excess of 400 birds. They can cause severe damage and risk to buildings and structures with their nesting and fouling which can also become a risk to public health and safety.

These birds are still protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 though can be controlled under the terms of the General Licences issued by DEFRA.

They are known to carry a broad range of pathogens and diseases, which can be transferred to humans through air-borne, food-borne and physical contact as well as a host of insects and mites.



  • Feral pigeons are found in towns and cities across the world as well as rural environment
  • Plumages vary considerable from pure white, through various colour combinations, to almost pure black
  • Usually have red feet


  • Frequent towns and cities with good food sources
  • Feed in flocks with distinct territories which can range over 1.7 square miles
  • Initially cautious of new feeding areas though quickly gain confidence if undisturbed

Life Cycle

  • In favourable conditions, can breed all year round however main period March-July
  • Usually only 2 young at a time, independent from around 30-37 days though more eggs can be laid before young leave
  • Sexually mature from 6 months old
  • Life expectancy up to 4 years

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