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We specialise in
Canadian Geese control & removal

Canada geese were first introduced to Britain in the 17th Century as an ornamental attraction and have now become an established common resident in both rural and suburban habitats frequenting ponds, lakes, marshes and coastal flats.


(Branta Canadensis)

As a herbivorous bird, they eat large quantities of vegetation clearing areas around lakes and ponds of grass and wetland plant species by trampling and overgrazing. The abundance of droppings can be unsightly as well as being a hygiene problem and a slip hazard.

ASW-Pest-Control-Specialists_Trowbridge_Goose_Canadian Geese


  • Large bird of approx. 92-102cm length
  • Brownish body feathers with distinctive black head and neck
  • White chin strap


  • Live in large flocks of birds
  • Often found around lakes and ponds in rural areas (golf courses especially)
  • Canada Geese have life-long pair bonds

Life Cycle

  • Build nests on lake islets or marsh hummocks to hold 5 to 7 eggs at a time
  • Eggs laid at end of March or in April
  • Incubation of eggs for 28-30 days, young are flightless for 10weeks
  • Adults moult around end of June, unable to fly for 3 to 4 weeks

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